Project More Happy

To truly create a better world, it is crucial to actively volunteer, get involved and contribute to causes that hold personal significance and to support organizations that have a profound impact on our communities. At More Happy Creations, we have introduced Project More Happy, an initiative dedicated to simply making a positive difference in the world. Through this project, we wholeheartedly commit to donating to uplift our community. For every item purchased, we pledge to donate 10% of our profits to one of the remarkable groups/organizations listed below:

Proyecto Faro

Project Faro, an immigrant-led initiative, aims to create a fear-free and inclusive community in Rockland County. By fostering solidarity among individuals with varying legal status, country of origin, and religious beliefs, they serve as a guiding light in turbulent times. Their mission is to support and empower refugees and undocumented neighbors, helping them find stability in uncertain circumstances. This commitment is fueled by the universal belief in loving our neighbors as ourselves, transcending religious boundaries.

Villalobos Rescue Center (Pitbulls and Parolees)

Ceazer is my loving Pitbull who passed away at the age of 14 in January 2023. Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) demonstrates unwavering dedication in its mission to assist Pit Bulls and other dogs by providing crucial medical care and guiding them towards rediscovering the joy of human love. With utmost care, VRC strives to find each animal a nurturing and compatible forever home. In addition to their remarkable rescue work, Villalobos goes a step further by offering employment opportunities to parolees individuals seeking a fresh start in life. Your generous contribution not only supports these incredible initiatives but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to Ceazer, creating a profound and lasting impact on the lives of both animals and people.

Rockland County Cat Parents

10% of your purchase will go directly support Jamie Rewalt’s initiative. Jamie is a committed member of Rockland County Cat Parents. Jamie selflessly dedicates her free time to feeding the homeless cats in our community. By contributing to this cause, your funds will be used to help Jamie to purchase food, ensuring that these cats receive the necessary care and sustenance they deserve. Thank you for your support in making a positive impact on the lives of these vulnerable feline companions.

Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation

10% of your purchase will make a direct impact on the Sickle Cell Awareness Foundation. By honoring the memory of my dear friend Daven Gee, who passed away on August 12, 2021. Dav's vibrant spirit shone brightly, even during his lengthy hospital stays. His unwavering strength and positive attitude served as a true inspiration to all who knew him. Dav's deep passion for DragSet, his love for cars, infectious laughter, remarkable sense of humor, and unwavering loyalty were defining aspects of his character.

May Dav find eternal peace alongside his beloved daughter Violet, his dear mother, and all the friends he lost to this relentless disease. The void left by Dav's absence is deeply felt, and his presence is sorely missed. Your kind contribution will help us carry on the mission of raising awareness and supporting those affected by Sickle Cell Anemia Disease.

Black Poster Project

Your purchase holds immense significance as it supports the Black Poster Project (BPP), a tribute to my late friend Scott Guillen, who tragically lost his life to an overdose. It is also dedicated to honoring my dear friend who is currently on the path to recovery from opioid addiction. The BPP was initiated by Dee Guillen, a grieving mother who experienced the heartbreaking loss of her son, Scott. In 2019, while organizing an overdose awareness event, she conceived the idea of displaying posters of lost loved ones, creating a powerful visual impact.

The project's impact was profound and its reach expanded rapidly. What began with 50 awareness posters has now grown to over 550. Each poster included in the display is crafted upon the request of grieving families, without any financial burden on their part. These poignant posters come together to form a compelling exhibition known as "SILENT MEMORIALS," which travels throughout New Jersey and New York, carrying the collective weight of remembrance and raising awareness.

10% of your purchase will go to the Black Poster Project will help sustain and expand this essential initiative, allowing more families to pay tribute to their loved ones and shedding light on the devastating consequences of opioid addiction.

Active Minds

10% of your purchase will make a meaningful impact by supporting Active Minds, an organization dedicated to mental health advocacy and suicide prevention. As someone who has personally experienced the challenges of mental illness since being diagnosed at the age of 19, I, Nelcy, understand the struggles associated with mental health, particularly in cultures like mine, where it remains a taboo topic.

Active Minds holds a unique position in the field of mental health. It amplifies the voices of young adults, who are disproportionately affected by mental illnesses, and advocates for necessary changes in how mental health is addressed in society as a whole.

Your contribution to Active Minds will directly contribute to their mission of supporting and mobilizing young adults in mental health advocacy and suicide prevention. Together, we can work towards creating a society that embraces mental well-being and provides vital support to those in need.

American Cancer Society

10% of your purchase will go to the American Cancer Society holds profound significance as it pays tribute to the memory of my son's grandmother, Roseanne Hammel who tragically lost her life to cancer. By supporting the American Cancer Society, we aim to inspire individuals to prioritize their health by visiting their doctors and undergoing necessary physical examinations.

The mission of the American Cancer Society is centered around improving the lives of those affected by cancer, as well as their families. Through their dedication to advocacy, groundbreaking research, and unwavering support for patients, the organization strives to provide everyone with the opportunity to prevent, detect, treat, and ultimately, overcome cancer.

Your contribution to the American Cancer Society directly contributes to their vital work in advancing cancer care and support services. By joining forces, we can create a lasting impact, ensuring that individuals have the resources and knowledge to protect their well-being and take proactive steps towards early detection and treatment. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer and work towards a future where the burden of this disease is significantly reduced.

By choosing More Happy Creations, not only do you acquire unique and delightful items, but you also become an integral part of our mission to foster positive change. Together, through Project More Happy, let's make a tangible impact on our community and contribute to creating a brighter future for all.