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She Is - Affirmation - 16oz Glass Can Cup w/ bamboo lid and straw

She Is - Affirmation - 16oz Glass Can Cup w/ bamboo lid and straw

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Experience craftsmanship at its finest with our unique glassware. Our designs are sublimated (baked) onto the glass surface, ensuring a long-lasting and vibrant finish. At More Happy Creations, we steer clear of using vinyl, glitter, or epoxy, guaranteeing a premium look and feel. Each item is expertly handcrafted upon your order, adding a personalized touch that's exclusively yours.


Generous 16oz capacity, featuring an elegant frosted appearance
Complete with a bamboo lid and a convenient plastic straw
Glass Care Guidelines:

Hand wash is recommended to preserve the integrity of the design
Avoid soaking in the sink to maintain the glass's longevity
Not suitable for dishwasher use
Refrain from leaving the glass in a hot car to prevent potential damage
Handle with care to prevent accidental dropping
We're committed to your satisfaction, and your enjoyment of our product is paramount. Don't hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance or information.
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